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2018 BESMA Awards Finalist for Innovation in Sales

Partner with a global training leader whose mission is your success.

Sandler North Hampshire coach, train and mentor sales professionals, sales managers and C-suite executives from small to large organisations and developing significant and lasting improvements in sales systems, business results and management performance.

How To Take Control Of Your Sales In 2019! Business Leaders Masterclass

Testimonial: Perspicuity (Sandler UK Business of the Year). Ben Gower, of U.K.-based firm Perspicuity, shares how the company went from 15 customers to over 1,300 customers after going through Sandler training.

Join us for this interactive workshop on how to take more control of your sales in 2019.

This event is for ambitious Business Owners, Managing Directors, CEOs and Sales Leaders who are looking to protect or grow their market share.

Business Leaders tell us they:

• Can lose the sale to an inferior competitor
• Lack a structured approach to business growth
• Struggle with a poor work-life balance
• Need help to reduce the sales cycle so they can sell to more clients.

In this workshop you will learn some tactics and tips that you can use immediately to improve your sales process. We will explore some of the common pitfalls of business development and how to beat your competitors time after time.

You can find out more about this workshop and register here or if you're not sure this is right for you, then we can arrange a quick call to tell you more about it.

Date: Friday 5 April 11:00 - 14:00
Venue: Crowne Plaza, Old Common Rd, Black Dam, Basingstoke RG21 3PR
Cost: Complimentary with learning takeaways and refreshments included

The Coach's Playbook

Sandler Client Testimonial Joe Aucott Founder & MD of Haptic Networks talks about Coaching his people the Sandler Way.


Join us for this Business Leaders Masterclass, Fri 5 April and crash a class!

All too often, the coach takes ownership of the salesperson's success or failure and becomes a hostage to the salesperson's needs. Manipulative salespeople may use an unaware coach to do their thinking and problem solving for them, absolving them of all responsibility. When in doubt, remind yourself that the primary function of the coach is to develop salespeople, not rescue them.

Crash A Class

Coaching To Maximise Team Performance

IMPROVE SALES PERFORMANCE - Unlock the performance code

Coaching Solutions to improve sales performance:

  • Develop & retain top talent
  • Build trust, commitment & accountability


Sandler's Leadership Solutions helps your bench develop these skills through progressive concepts delivered via facilitated training and coaching, supported by innovative digital workbook materials and a comprehensive video series available online 24/7

Qstream Certified Content Professional

Qstream Content Partnership

The Sandler North Hampshire and Qstream partnership is based on the shared philosophies that adults learn best when the topics are reinforced and tested over a long period of time.

Sandler’s Sales Methodology is reinforced and delivered in short chunks throughout its 250 plus global training centres. Since working with Qstream, the only clinically proven solution to increase retention of knowledge and durably impact behaviour, Sandler North Hampshire clients have seen increases of circa 26% in proficiency of the Sandler Selling System.

Sandler Bookstore

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.