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Sales Training will incorporate the latest technological improvements in Multimedia and Internet/Intranet-based training methodology.  Salespeople are as computer literate as ever and have access to computers fast enough to benefit from training software programs.

More and more companies will ‘test’ their salespeople and ‘test’ the sales team as a whole to specifically gear training to match the challenges of each person and the team.

These trends of course, have been evolving for some time; however, ironically, even with the explosion in technology, the real future of sales training is actually borrowed from its past:  Live classroom coaching where a salesperson feels ‘safe’ to admit his weaknesses in front of his peers and a trainer/coach skilled enough to impart knowledge so the salesperson will actually try a new sales behaviour in front of a prospect …tomorrow.   This live training process continues with ongoing sessions to fine-tune the salesperson’s application of the new sales skill, to insure correct execution, and to boost the chances of the preferred outcome:  more prospects generated and converted to more profitable customers. 

Translation for medium to large corporations?  100% of their sales training pounds goes for training and not hotels, air flights and fancy meals, since salespeople from local branches attend local sales training sessions.  Also, more real-world application of skills is transferred to attendees because the groups are smaller and the learning environment is ‘safer’ than traditional, ‘packed house’ seminars.

The future of sales training is a student (salesperson) and a teacher (trainer/coach) working at the local level, in the field, in risk-free group workshop settings to change behaviour and more important to change the outlook and attitude of the professional salesperson.

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