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1. Do you have a Cause?

Are you “in sales” (or in business) just to make a living?  Or is there a bigger reason to get up in the morning?  Write down your reason for doing what you’re doing.  Paste it on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder to yourself.

 2Have you burned your bridges?

Have you committed yourself to your profession?  If you have, then it really doesn’t matter how difficult any particular day or prospect is.

3. Have you put together your business plan?

Having a business plan makes it perfectly clear what you have to do on a day-to-day basis.  Not having a plan is like being a hamster on a wheel.  It looks like you are on a fast track but you’re going nowhere.  Each prospect and every call has a reason.

4. Do you have four major goals for this year?

Have you put together a personal plan of action that will guarantee your reaching the four most important goals you would like to accomplish this year?  Have you reduced these goals to pictures to “visualise” the end result?

5.Can you muster the discipline to manage your “behaviour” each working day?

Do you realise that every day you don’t “behave” properly puts you a day behind?  Determine the number of days in the year in which you must “behave” properly in order to meet your goals.  Count the days down backwards and strike a line through each day where you behave according to your plan.  Post this chart where you can see it daily.

6.  How will you stay in front of your “nut?”

Do you know what it costs you to get up each morning?  Total all your expenses, including savings and the value amount of all your “material” goals this year and divide by the number of working days available to you next year.  Most people do NOT know their daily cost number, just like most people do NOT have written and clarified goals.  Have you budgeted your expenses so they don’t run over you?  Do you have a savings plan?  Have you planned on how to put money aside in case of an emergency?

7. Will you begin over again each day or do you have a system for working SMART?

Professionals know the best source for their next sale is from a present customer.  Do you have a “referral system” drilled into your customers’ heads?  Are you going the extra miles for your clients so they want to give you referrals?

8. Do you keep a journal?

Successful people learn as much from their failures as they do from their victories.  Do you document your winnings and losses?  Do you refer back to them often to “grow” from your experiences? 

9. Do you have a mastermind group?

Have you searched out a support group to help you reach your goals?  Do you have the guts to commit to someone else an ‘Accountability Partner’ for example to share exactly what you want to achieve this year? 

10. Can you see into the future?

Take time to write out a description as to how you will feel and what you will have accomplished when you have achieved the things you want for yourself and your family this year.  Capture that feeling.  Internalise it.  Think about it every day.

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