On behalf of Sandler Training, our thoughts are with our clients and their families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to working with you to help you and your business through these extraordinary times. Sandler Training is open but operating remotely in accordance with recommendations by WHO and the UK government to do our part to help ‘flatten the curve’ for the NHS . We’re here for you and the community. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to talk through your concerns. Best wishes for the health and safety of your families, teams, and clients.
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  1. Learn to handle difficult people and difficult situations
  2. Learn to read, understand and empathise with people
  3. Have the tools to communicate clearly and concisely and ensure everyone is on the same page saving time, reducing frustration and avoiding damaged relationships and miscommunication.
  4. Learn to ask better questions to uncover underlying issues and listen with intent and respect
  5. Learn the language of customer care – the language of calming, apology, questioning and resolution
  6. Learn the language of sales – a common language between customer care and sales creates a team approach with a shorthand exchange with clear understandings
  7. Cultivate a sales attitude and become an opportunity finder as an integral part of customer service
  8. Understand the value you bring to your customers and sell that. Sell spectacular service.
  9. Be the added value in your role, deliver more than what is expected, take ownership and get outside your comfort zone
  10. See everything you do from the customers’ standpoint and generate a new attitude about how to make it easier, faster, more comfortable to do business with you. Focus on the right end of the problem: solving customer problems

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