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Guest post by David Mattson and Brian Sullivan authors of Sandler Enterprise Selling: Winning, Growing and Retaining Major Accounts

Winning, growing and keeping enterprise accounts are challenging objectives that demand the best of the sales and delivery teams and the organization as a whole. Sandler Enterprise Selling is a comprehensive, reinforcement-driven live training program designed specifically for selling teams committed to high achievement in the enterprise environment. SES provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively and expanding the relationships over time.


  • Extended sales cycles. When you are selling to enterprise clients, sales cycles can take months—sometimes years.
    Sophisticated competition. Your competition for enterprise business is likely to be sophisticated, strategically focused and relentless. They come prepared!
  • Significant financial investment. Pursuing an enterprise client requires a significant financial commitment as well as human, managerial and logistical resources—not to mention the opportunity cost of not pursuing other business.
  • Cross- functional teams. Because buyer networks of enterprise clients encompass many functions, so should your sales team. Positioning corresponding representatives on your team will show the strength and substance that enterprise clients demand.
  • Focus on long- term business value. With the enterprise client, the business value of the solution to develop and implement must be unassailable or winning the business will be impossible.
  • Wide, diverse buyer networks. The buying centres of enterprise clients are composed of a wide variety of functions, including purchasing, accounting, marketing and legal. This, without question, makes the sales process more complex.
  • Complex decision structures. In traditional selling, decisions are typically made quickly and based on price versus performance. In the enterprise world, however, the decision process can be complex, multi-layered and lengthy.
  • Diversified organization and footprint. Enterprise clients differ from small business entities in their complex structures, multiple business lines, complexity of portfolios, depth and breadth of markets served and globalization issues.

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Imagine a client roster filled with the biggest and best od the world's corporations with names like Apple, IBM, Samsung, General Motors and more.
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Now imagine working with those clients every day, delivering great service and earning the right to grow over time.

Winning enterprise business presents unique challenges to selling teams and selling organisations in genreal. First you need to understand how selling to large corporations differs the less complex world of selling to small and medium-sized companies. It takes time, energy, commitment and money but the payoff can be huge.

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