On behalf of Sandler Training, our thoughts are with our clients and their families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to working with you to help you and your business through these extraordinary times. Sandler Training is open but operating remotely in accordance with recommendations by WHO and the UK government to do our part to help ‘flatten the curve’ for the NHS . We’re here for you and the community. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to talk through your concerns. Best wishes for the health and safety of your families, teams, and clients.
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The latest technologies, applied strategically for maximum efficacy

Sales Acceleration Software for Salespeople

Qstream is a sales capabilities platform that combines performance analytics, coaching optimisation and knowledge reinforcement in a powerfully simple mobile enterprise solution.

Sales Processs - Sales Onboarding - Sales Coaching

Sales Processs

Drive consistent adoption

Using Qstream to introduce a new sales process gives you solid ground to successfully execute change across your distributed organisation. And start selling with greater insight and efficiency.

  • Engage frontline managers
  • Track progress across your organisation
  • Protect your sales process investment

Sales Onboarding

Speed time to proficiency

Qstream accelerates sales onboarding by keeping it simple and focused for new hires. Using a scientifically proven methodology, Qstream gets sales reps up to speed faster on the knowledge and skills necessary to hit critical milestones, and taps real-time data to help sales managers coach them along the way.

Sales Coaching

Track the effectiveness of your coaching programme

Qstream helps senior sales managers and executives gain insight into the effectiveness of their coaching programme with a real-time online coaching actions report. Visual dashboards show senior leadership if coaching actions have been taken, and where they remain unresolved. Through visibility into manager participation, sales leaders can help “coach the coach” more effectively.

Qstream Videos

Top 5 Ways Sales Teams Benefit from Qstream

Top 5 Ways Sales Teams Benefit from Qstream

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Your Secret Weapon for Creating a High-Performance Sales Team

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