On behalf of Sandler Training, our thoughts are with our clients and their families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to working with you to help you and your business through these extraordinary times. Sandler Training is open but operating remotely in accordance with recommendations by WHO and the UK government to do our part to help ‘flatten the curve’ for the NHS . We’re here for you and the community. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to talk through your concerns. Best wishes for the health and safety of your families, teams, and clients.
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Professional Services

Professional services business development solutions.


The Challenges of Professional Services

You are probably highly educated and qualified in your field, but how much training do you and your associates receive in how to develop a successful, growing practice? 

Does your firm struggle with:

  • Marketing and advertising not providing a steady flow of quality clients?
  • Exceptional service failing to provide repeat business and referrals that you deserve?
  • A lack of prospecting and new business development attitudes, plans, or skills?

Selling isn't a dirty word.

You can develop your practice in a professional, respectful manner.

Your business operations probably revolve around systems, processes, and principles—but do you use any of these elements for new business development? Chances are, you may not be as comfortable, competent, or consistent 'selling' your services as you are delivering them.


'Selling' can become a respectable and profitable part of your professional practice, without you or your colleagues sounding like 'stereotypical salespeople.' You don't need to resort to high-pressure, cost-justified, feature/benefit laden presentations, or dance around prospective clients' stalls and objections, or trying to 'close the deal.'

You can integrate the same creative, organizational, analytical, and communication skills required by your profession into effective processes and systems to identify, qualify, and develop new business opportunities.

Nobody ever told me that I would have to sell.

It’s one of the top statements we hear from legal, engineering, accounting, and consulting firms. We’ll help your firm create a business development plan that is as effective as you are at delivering your expertise.


At Sandler, we believe professional business development skills:

  • Give you more control of your business and career.
  • Make you more valuable to your clients and your firms and increase net profits and income.
  • Make you a more well-rounded professional and help you get out of the office and the grunt work.
  • Allow you to do the work you enjoy and can actually be fun!

Start a conversation.

Learn how to create a cohesive, highly competitive, and productive revenue-generating inside sales machine.

Selling Professional Services

Must-have information for law firm partners and other professional service providers. "Business development," "practice development," "client retention…"- no matter what you call it; you need sales skills to do it successfully!


Take the next step.

The journey to success starts where you are, and it starts today!