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Sports Psychology Training for Sports Performance

High performance can be a lonely place, except when things go well.

When things go badly Sandler will be there to support you with Sports Psychology Training.

We can help at every level

  • Benchmarking

    We have unique set of benchmark tools that have been designed specifically for sport that provide insight into how athlete or coaches;

    • Are currently behaving   
    • Why they might be behaving this way  
    • And how they think they need to behave to perform
  • Coaching Methodology

    The 7 Step Sandler Coaching System.

    • Understand the problems
    • Establish a success profile by identifying the top 10 behaviours needed for success in each sport
    • A method of getting people back on track so that they can achieve and fulfil their potential
    • A structured support plan that is highly effective and enables sportspeople to achieve at the highest levels

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