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Paul Sandford

Are you a baby boomer manager? Have you figured out that the way you were motivated simply doesn’t work with today’s sales professionals?

If everyone on the rugby team had a different system and they all did things their own way, would the team mates and coaches or even the fans, understand what was happening? Would anyone have a clear picture of the outcome?

We encourage organisations to look at their people in three categories, ‘Gainers, Maintainers and Complainers.’ Whilst not specifically devised to describe members of sales teams, anyone who has ever been a member of a sales team will think it was. Here’s a quick rundown on these three groups.

How often have you listened as someone rationalised his or her mishandling of a problem by externalising its source: “I can’t meet my projections because . . .,” “My sector isn’t large enough,” or “Our prices are too high?”

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to plan and write down your goals to make this year the most productive year of your life:

Recently I was talking with a good friend of mine. I shared my experience at a local car dealership and raved about the excellent service I had received. Everything was exceptional.

How often do you consider the value of one customer? How do you value your customers? What do you do to show you value your customers? If you make a sale for £20,000 to a customer, does that customer have a greater value than one that invests say, £2,000 in your products or services?

Knowing how to inspire, motivate, coach and hold sales people accountable for their behaviours is the foundation for improving sales. Skill sets for success as a sales manager are not always the same as skill sets for successful sales people.

You’ve followed the Sandler Selling System. You haven’t disqualified the prospect. The prospect hasn’t disqualified you. What’s next—The Close.

One of the main reasons firing sucks for both leader and employee is the reasons for the employee being let go are typically ambiguous, with obvious exceptions for physical violence, all forms of harassment, theft or insubordination.